Interest rates closed for the week about where they ended last week, at 4.13%.  What this means is for buyers looking to make a purchase, rates are still VERY favorable.  This coupled with low inventory in the $1,500,000 and under home market, means that until more homes become available, buying on the Westside will continue to be a task not for the faint at heart.

If you are willing to keep your buying hat in the ring throughout the holiday season, you may be at a slight advantage, over those who consider putting things on hold until after the New Year.  Although the number of new homes coming on the market tends to slow during the holiday season, expect that there will be some and those poised to pounce, may end up with the best holiday gift of all!

For a look at this weekend’s Open Houses, click the link below.

Open Houses for Sunday October 29, 2017


Opening the Finest Doors on the Westside!